Mixed Use Housing, SF


This irregular shaped site is located in a mixed use area of the mission district and is surrounded by residential, industrial, retail and office spaces. Because of the wide variety of uses in this area, it reminded me of the medieval European cities that had a cobbler next to a blacksmith, next to a bakery, that was next to a chocolatier.

The modern day version of these urban programs are densified on the site in order to give the feeling of being in a small, medieval city with a central courtyard. We were also asked to incorporate the logic of our precedent into the project, so I interlocked 4 different unit plans in a way similar to that of Bjarke Ingels' VM Houses in Copenhagen, but with the units rotated 90 degrees. Exterior circulation paths meander in between the housing units to give a more natural feeling to the site. Because of the orientation of the site, a glass-enclosed, vertical garden was placed at the center that would be available for all residents to volunteer at and use.